• This is the perfect breakfast but it’s also a light snack whenever you crave some sweet crunchiness. Buckwheat is a gluten-free superfood and a storehouse of high-quality protein. We sprout our buckwheat to release its full nutritional potential.

    Buckwheat RAW Granola

    3,90 CHFPrix
    • Ingredients: Sprouted Buckwheat * (44%), dates*, raisins*, pumpkin seeds*, golden flax seeds*, sesame seeds*, sunflower seeds*, coconut*, cinnamon*, *= Organic Certified Product. These chips have been dehydrated at no more than 42°C in stainless-steel driers that we have developed and built in-house.


      Nutrition Facts (100g):
      Energy (kj/kcal) 1861/444
      Fat (g) 13
      Saturates fat (g) 1,44
      Carbohydrate (g) 67,4
      Sugars (g) 25,5
      Fibre (g) 9,78
      Protein (g) 11,2
      Salt (g) 0,00